Distribution and Logistics

Swift. Secure. Reliable.

Guiding the path. Nurturing relationships. Ensuring Success.

Our company prides itself on being a constant within the California cannabis market.

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Our speciality is to help your business grow by handling all complex details of your operations.

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Order fulfillment is at the core of our business. Let our team assist with getting your product from door to door.

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Selling and distributing products for our clients is the name of the game. It's the core of our business.

Streamline Your Business

In a few simple clicks we can connect you with our team to discuss how our services can cater to your company's needs.


We provide storage at our facility with our state-of-the-art security systems and team in Northern California.

Bulk Transportation

We have been providing transportation services to the industry's leading brands since 2017. Helios is here to help deliver your 2020 harvest to its destination 7 days a week anywhere in California.


Our team has been trained to efficiently and precisely package our partner's products within our warehouse up to the standards of Metric.

Headquartered in the heart of
northern california

The Helios Company is striving to become the industry leader in the distribution and transportation of cannabis products throughout the Golden State.

Our network from seed to sale is growing daily, creating a platform for customers to get their products and services to market. Our mission is to build and maintain the most dependable, secure channels of cannabis distribution for our partners products and services in California. From placing cannabis products on shelves or transporting them throughout in the supply chain, we are committed to building a safe environment for business, the State of California, and members of the community.