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Ember Valley Jars

About Brand

Ember Valley is an innovative cannabis brand with over 15 years of experience developing high quality, organic strains. Their small yet ambitious team has dedicated their careers to perfecting the legacy of Ember Valley. Our customers love this brand because they value the cannabis community, education and knowledge. Not only prioritizing sales but building a strong representation of the cannabis industry. They pride themselves in bringing tested, and renowned strains to the California cannabis market. With a variety of products to choose from including pre-rolls, edibles, ground flower and more, there is a little something for everyone

More About The Brand

Hailing from Redding, CA, Ember Valley offers a variety of lines. “Darts” that unleash your inner dirtbag with a consistent burn and smooth smoke that are perfect for on-the-go-consumption.
“Ember Valley Red” that are growth for consistency and dependability of each strain. And “Remember Valley” that brings back the most potent and nostalgic strains.