What is Cannabis Distribution and Logistics?

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Understanding the Cannabis Supply Chain

New cannabis startups can find themselves complicated by the number of regulations, procedures and policies of the industry. Finding a reliable cannabis distribution company is essential for a quick and efficient process to grow your cannabis brand. From dealing with manufacturers, to state and federal regulations; Helios cannabis distribution and logistics company has helped launch numerous cannabis brands across the state of California to get their sales up and running.

Cannabis legalization and licensing looks different depending on the state, but the distributor license generally allows the holder to distribute cannabis products from growers and extractors to shops and dispensaries. Distributors act as middlemen between a growery, cannabis brand and their target market. California in particular requires distributors to lab test all of the products they distribute. This ensures safety and quality through all of our distribution channels. In California, you also need a distribution license to transport cannabis products. Helios has the ability to provide the middleman distribution for your products, and even provide last mile fulfillment throughout the state of California.

Cannabis Distribution Centers

Cannabis distributors centers physically warehouse the cannabis products at a secure location. Distribution can be complex and heavily regulated but is a critical component of large-scale cannabis operations for brands to launch and grow. Distributors may differ from each state, and interstate commerce is much more prohibited because cannabis is not fully legal at the federal level. Our expert team at Helios distribution can be tasked with a number of different roles in the supply chain, such as:

● Storing, picking and packing products

● White labeling services to reduce costs on start-up cannabis brands

● Storing product for retail locations

● Last-mile fulfilment to get your products on the shelf

● Managing sales and inventory with proper compliances and inventory licenses

Our cannabis distribution center offers a facility where cannabis products can be housed on behalf of brands, cultivators, and product manufacturers. When orders

come in from dispensaries for particular products, the orders can be picked, properly packed for transport, and then shipped. This distribution process also makes it much easier for large-scale manufacturers and growers to handle incoming orders from a large network of buyers.

The Benefits of Working with a Marijuana Distribution Center

Buying Power

Cannabis markets and pricing tend to be a bit unstable depending on the supply and demand. By working with a distributor, dispensaries and manufacturers have the freedom to buy flower and products in bulk when prices are low. The products or materials can be warehoused by the distributor until they are needed or most profitable.

Secure Cannabis Transport

Cannabis distribution companies often handle transport on their own. Cannabis transport on its own can be a complicated process if you are not working with a qualified company for the job. A third-party distributor can arrange for the transport of product from you to the distribution center and from the distribution center to the end buyer.

Reduce Overhead Costs

Through managing sales, providing secure licensing and getting your products properly labeled. We can greatly reduce the costs of the manufacturing process, which can get extremely expensive. Our white labeling services allow for an easy and quick process to put the cannabis retailer’s logo, on a third-party vendor. And price is to their choosing. Helios dedicated team of cannabis experts will help manage a selective product inventory and provide facilities with proper licensing.


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