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Licensed and Compliant Cannabis Packaging Through Helios

One of the biggest challenges for new brands and cannabis startups are dealing with the number of regulations that come with the industry. Each state has its own set of terms and policies which make labeling and packaging cannabis products, a strict process. Cannabis must be properly labeled and packaged to prevent unwanted or mis intended use of the product. Our white labeling services at Helios are experts in The Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) requirements. Which classifies cannabis goods sold to consumers in a variety of ways (nonmanufactured and manufactured products). Each with their own set of rules.

Both kinds of products have two primary labeling requirements: the primary panel and informational panel. The primary panel is the portion of the label that will be displayed to the consumer at retail. In general, this should include the product identity (flower, vape, pre-roll, etc.). As well as the weight of the product, and the California state symbol for cannabis. The informational panel is any other part of the label (usually on the back of the product) with more detailed information such as intended use, instructions, manufacturer info and a batch ID.

Nonmanufactured Cannabis Products

These are finished goods that only contain the cannabis plant material. This includes packaged flower, pre-rolls that only contain the cannabis plant, seeds and non-matured plants sold at retail. Packaging on non-manufactured goods should be clear, and large enough for anyone to read. Depending on what the product is, these should have their name placed across the front and the net weight of the product (for example, Flower 3 Grams). All cannabis packaging in California should also include California’s cannabis symbol, which can be downloaded at

It is important to never include misleading or false information. Unless your product is grown in a specific city or county of California, never use the name of the city on the packaging. Keeping a professional and concise label is important to let people know what the product is. Don’t make the packaging attractive to children, avoid using labels like “Candy” “Sweet Treats”, etc. California regulatory bodies want to keep the markets safe and of high-quality to continue its growth,

don’t make any claims that the cannabis is “O-Cal” unless the cannabis meets the standards set in Business Code §26062.

Manufactured cannabis products

Manufactured cannabis goods are products that contain extracted cannabis, as well as non-cannabis ingredients. These include edibles such as candies, baked goods, drinks, oils, etc. This can also include products with extracted cannabis concentrates including vape cartridges, tinctures, pills, and wax. The last category of manufactured cannabis products includes topicals. This can include lotions and creams.

Like nonmanufactured cannabis, many of the labeling has similar rules to help your products be as clear and concise as possible. On top of these foundational requirements set out by California Cannabis Department, there are a few extra things to know when packaging your manufactured cannabis products. Never use photos on your packaging, especially with edibles. These should come in a discreet package that makes it less likely for children to be attracted to the product. On the informational panel of the label always make sure to include the manufacturer name and contact information, the date of packaging for resale, a proper batch number, the federal government warning on all cannabis products, and instructions for use. A more detailed list of requirements can be found on the state department’s website.

Packaging requirements

While there are many requirements to ensure your cannabis, products are packaged correctly. Helios distribution follows a strict checklist designated by California’s Department of Cannabis Control and ensure all packages are:

● Child-resistant

● Tamper-evident

● Resealable

● Discreet & Opaque (for edible cannabis products)


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