• Name: Jimmy Bobak
  • Designation: Co-Founder Helios Distribution , Helios Distribution
  • Hometown: Sacramento, CA
  • Reside: Sacramento, CA
  • College: Sacramento State University


Jimmy Bobak is a highly accomplished professional with a diverse background and a passion for innovation, problem-solving and entrepreneurship. Jimmy has completed 10+ years in B2B sales in the high-tech industry both as an Individual Contributor and Regional Manager. Born with the drive and heart of an entrepreneur, Jimmy helped construct the foundational SOP’s of Helios Distribution in 2017 and has recently started an Epoxy Flooring company in 2023.

With a natural aptitude for leadership, Jimmy has taken on the role of overseeing much of the day to day operations at Helios. He has successfully led cross-functional teams, overseeing the entire Production Teams and Inventory Teams inside of the warehouse. Jimmy’s background has allowed him to successfully implement internal systems and processes from co-packing, to order input, to fulfillment and delivery.  His ability to identify an issue and take a collaborative approach to overcome and scale, has been a pivotal aspect for the growth of Helios. He prides himself on the strong relationships he has built with brands, retailers and suppliers.

In his free time, Jimmy enjoys fitness, construction and spending time with wife, Katerina and dog Winston.